Create a New Wallet
a. Click Zecrey plugin wallet, accept the Zecrey Privacy Agreement, click Get Started button to start, enter your Email address and Invitation code.
b. Click Create New Wallet
c. Enter password and confirm it, click Create button to create a new wallet.
d. Collect secret backup phrase, click Next Step button to check, select the correct phrase into the box, click Confirm to get into L1 wallet.
    Select the network as Zecrey TESTNET.
    Open account page to get some functional buttons.
    L1 wallet address is displayed below the balance, click it to copy and you can use it to receive test tokens directly.
    There is a Lock button in account page, click it and the wallet will be locked, enter the password to unlock it.
    Enter account detail page to check and export private key.
    Create new account or import account in account page.
    Set language in settings page, the initial language follows system's.
    Check secret recovery phrase in security & privacy page.
    Reset account data just need one click.
    Assets page displays the total assets and assets of different chains, which are swapping to USD in real time according to the market price, currently only ETH, MATIC and REY are supported. For instance, ETH and REY on Ethereum, MATIC on Polygon.
    Activity page displays the transaction records of current account.

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