Zecrey Faucet
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    Users will be prompted to claim test tokens in the first-time use. Click "Claim" to open the faucet website(https://faucet.zecrey.com/).
2. Click "Connect Wallet" and choose the account you want to claim with.
3. There should be a certain amount of native tokens on each chain in advance as the gas fee for receiving test tokens. If you have already received tokens other than the native token on a chain, you will not be able to repeatedly claim from the Zecrey faucet. For example, on Rinkeby, ETH is needed to claim the other nine test tokens. So do the other four networks, MATIC on Mumbai, ETH on Aurora testnet, AVAX on Avalanche testnet and BNB on BSC testnet.
On Zecrey faucet website, there is a faucet list of five testnets. Choose one network and claim. For this part, please read the guide on the next page.
4. Select the network where you have its tokens. For example, if you have ETH on Rinkeby, you can choose "Ethereum Rinkeby" to claim. And MATIC on Mumbai for "Polygon testnet", ETH on Aurora testnet for "Aurora testnet", AVAX on Avalanche testnet for "Avalanche FUJI C-chain" and BNB on BSC testnet for "Binance Smart Chain".
5. Pay some gas fees for claiming.
6. Check received test tokens in Zecrey L1 wallet.
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