Step4. Zecrey Block Explorer
Users can see the details of their transactions at https://explorer.zecrey.com/. Or click into a transaction to view the detailed information.

Check your account and transactions

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    You can search your transactions records through L1 address, transaction hash and block number.
2. In the latest transaction window, you can view the latest transactions, containing block number, transaction status, block commitment, etc. The hash in each block can be clicked to view the status on the chain. The transactions contained in each block can also be clicked to view the status.
Notice: Pending means the transaction has happened on L2, but is still to be verified. However, you can use the balance.
3. In the account window, you can find your L2 account and check detailed information containing account info, balance and transaction records.

The state of transactions


The transaction has taken place on L2 and has entered L2's mempool, but has yet to be verified on-chain.


The transaction in mempool has been packaged into the block and the data has been submitted to the chain.


The verification has been submitted to the chain and the legitimacy of the block has been verified.
The transaction in the block has finally been executed on L1.
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Check your account and transactions
The state of transactions