Zecrey L2 Wallet Usage
    After L2 account activation, click the Zecrey icon button could enter L2.
    L2 assets are the assets after Deposited.
    All operations in L2 are under privacy protection.
    The minimum amount in L2 is 0.001.


a. One-to-one: The transfer To address is a short address with a zecrey suffix. You must enter the correct address or transfer cannot be made if the address is incorrect.
b. One-to-two
    The transfer service fee is fixed and the transaction will be finished in seconds, proving that it is an L2 transfer.
    Address 1 is Sender, Address 2 and Address 3 are Receivers. Currently there are two receivers (only one real receiver in a one-to-one transfer), all three addresses are under privacy protection.
    Witness is the privacy proof generated for the transaction. The transactions on L2 are posted on the same main network——Zecrey TESTNET, so all transactions on L2 can be viewed on Zecrey browser.
    Participants contain the all 3 addresses and the privacy protection cipher about the transaction amount.
    Click one detailed address to check transaction records of L2 account.


a. Deposit page displays the assets of L1 wallet, select one token to deposit.


a. Click the Switch button to switch the swap token, REY could be swapped from MATIC.
b. Swap process: From Address 1 to Address 3, then from Address 2 to Address 4.
    The DAO account is a pool account for all users to add liquidity, the account itself doesn't have any assets, all assets are from the liquidity pool, the circuit directly restricts the DAO account not allowed to do any transfer or withdraw.

Add Liquidity

a. Click Add Liquidity, select a token and enter the appropriate quantity, the other token will automatically match the corresponding quantity according to the exchange rate.
b. Open Add Liquidity page, click the Liquidity button to view your liquidity.


    Click Withdraw to withdraw assets to some L1 wallet or other wallet like MetaMask.
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