Zecrey protocol hopes to bring privacy to digital assets and bridge Layer 1 and other Layer 2 networks in a secure, private and high-efficient way.

What is Zecrey?

Zecrey is a ZK-rollup based layer-2 privacy protocol. Our purpose is to bring cross-chain privacy to digital assets. There are several key words can describe it: ZK-rollup, privacy, layer-2 cross-chain bridge and cross-chain swap.
Zecrey is an all-in-one plug-in wallet. Zecrey wallet can support multi-chains network and manage assets with privacy in one wallet. For example, Zecrey wallet can connect to different blockchain network. If users want to manage the same asset that trapped on different blockchains, like 1 ETH on Ethereum and 2 ETH on Polygon, they can all be listed with diverse network tags in Zecrey wallet. For privacy, Zecrey provides one-click privacy protection service for assets. One click switch to layer-2 and give assets and transactions privacy. And Zecrey layer-2 also brings a cross-chain swap, which help users manage multi-chains assets more efficiently.

Privacy Enabled with One Simple Click

Transaction details are significant information for both parties that are not supposed to be exposed. Privacy transaction just needs one click and gets stable protection with no trace.

Fast and Stable Cross-Chain Transactions with Privacy

Zecrey bridges different blockchain networks to enable multi-chain transfer between digital assets under privacy protection, which has high speed and stability. One giant leap is cross-chain swap.

Privacy for a smart contract world

Blockchains today are not protecting user's privacy. Privacy protocols like anonymous coin have enabled provide protection for transactions, but these systems lack programmability. It is difficult and expensive for users to get full digital asset privacy.

Why choose Zecrey?

Confidential Assets

Endow account balances and transaction details privacy protection. Only users can review it.

Anonymous Identity

Conceal the information of senders and receivers during the transaction and give users anonymity and privacy while surfing the blockchain world.

Privacy Bridges

Develop a novel cross-chain bridge with privacy protection enable direct interactions of digital assets that on different blockchain networks with complete privacy.

Zecrey Features

Low-Latency Transactions

Private transactions can complete in seconds on Layer 2 and will be recorded in minutes on Layer 1.

Cross-chain Bridges

Use the customized Sigma protocol to make it easy and safe to swap assets between different blockchains with privacy protection.

Privacy Plug-in

Zecrey extensions enable Layer1 Dapps to provide transactions privacy protection.

Useful links

Official website: https://www.zecrey.com/
Feedback Form: Google Form
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