Zecrey protocol hopes to bring privacy to digital assets and bridge Layer 1 and other Layer 2 networks in a secure, private and high-efficient way.

What is Zecrey?

Zecrey is a general and scalable cross-chain privacy protocol based on zk-rollup. Zecrey protocol is based on account model, and it adopts Sigma protocol as privacy algorithm to generate privacy proofs, which shows high efficiency.
By connecting to various blockchains and layer 2 protocols through Zecrey wallet, it solves two major problems of privacy and isolation in multi-chain ecosystem pattern. Zecrey private cross-chain solution has two core functionalities: private cross-chain bridge and private cross-chain swap.


Privacy Enabled with One Simple Click

Transaction details are significant information for all traders and are not supposed to be exposed. It only needs one click to conduct transactions with privacy preserved and get stable protection.

Fast and Stable Cross-Chain Transactions

Zecrey bridges various blockchain networks to enable multi-chain assets management and transactions under privacy protection with high speed and stability. One giant leap is cross-chain swap. Traders can make swaps simply in Zecrey L2.

Build a Real Private Crypto World

Most privacy protocols that support private transactions have inadequacy in programmability. It is difficult and expensive for developers to achieve privacy protection for digital asset. Zecrey team aims to provide a novel solution to guarantee privacy security.


Multi-chain Aggregation

Zecrey is an early forerunner of aggregating multi-chain networks. To build prosperous multi-chain ecosystem, Zecrey wallet can connect to different blockchain networks to manage assets. Thus, multi-chain assets can be managed in one single wallet sorted by networks and aggregated in Zecrey layer 2 for high efficient usage.

Privacy Protection

Privacy protection is the basic attribute of Zecrey. Although anonymity is the nature of blockchain, users’ trade tracks are totally transparent and recorded into each block. How to protect these records has become an urgent issue. Zecrey team develops a layer 2 privacy protocol to solve this problem.

Crossing Chain

Crossing chain is the core part of Zecrey functions. Zecrey achieves cross-chain through multi-chain rollup smart contracts and assets aggregation. Users can make a simple cross-chain transaction through “Deposit-Withdraw” module.

Private cross-chain bridge

Zecrey cross-chain bridge is based on its own layer 1 and layer 2. Users deposit some assets from L1 to L2, so assets from different blockchains are aggregated in L2. Trade in L2 is with privacy protection. And users can also withdraw some assets to L1. Thus, a whole cross-chain transaction is completed and transaction details are protected.

Private cross-chain swap

Zecrey has an AMM DEX in layer 2. It means that swap happens in layer 2 and users have to make a deposit for swapping. Thus, crossing chain from Zecrey L1 to L2 becomes the core part of cross-chain swap. And the swap process is also with privacy protection.

Useful links

Official website: https://www.zecrey.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/zecrey
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