Create NFT Collection

What is an NFT collection?

An NFT collection consists of a set of NFTs produced by an artist (or a group of artists). Most NFT collections include many items with similar artistic styles, although each one differs slightly from the others.

How to create an NFT collection?

Step 1: Switch to Zecrey L2-Legend wallet, click on "NFT" beside the Assets on the homepage, choose "Create", and select "NFT Collection".
Step 2: Upload a collection cover, enter the name of the collection, choose to fill in the description and upload a banner image.
Step 3: You can also click More Options if you want to add more details. Fill in the collection URL; enter the official website, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram links of your NFT collection; set the creator royalty at a certain percentage from 0 to 10 for your NFT collection, so you'll receive this percentage of the final deal price every time your items are resold in the future. You'll receive your royalty every month in your Legend account.
Step 4: Click on "Create" to finish creating the NFT collection. You can view it in your NFT assets.
Last modified 3mo ago