How does Zecrey protocol protect users' privacy?

Zecrey layer 2 is a fully decentralized layer under privacy protection. In other words, all transactions are with privacy protection in layer 2. Zecrey team adopts Sigma protocol to develop privacy algorithm, and it shows high efficiency(at most 1-2 seconds).

What's the difference between L1 and L2 transfer?

The basic function is similar for users to transfer certain assets to other users. In L1 wallet, users enter a long string L1 address to make transactions, while in L2, users can transfer to an L2 short-domain address with ".zec" suffix. What is more, all L2 transactions on Zero are under Zecrey's built-in privacy protection.

What is Slippage Tolerance?

Slippage Tolerance is the pricing difference between the price at the confirmation time and the actual price of the transaction users are willing to accept when swapping on AMMs. This difference is mainly caused by market fluctuations. Slippage tolerance is set as a percentage of the total swap value.

On Zecrey wallet, slippage tolerance appears in DEX transactions like L2 swap and moving liquidity. There are three options of slippage for users to choose: 0.1%, 0.5%, 1%. If the price moves higher than the slippage you set, the order will be automatically canceled.

Why doesn't the amount in transaction history match the actual amount sometimes?

The amount of transactions in L1 is not restricted, but if you make transfers in a pretty small amount (usually less than 0.00001), it may be recorded as 0 in activities though the actual amount remains unchanged.

What is the difference between Zecrey Zero and Zecrey Legend?

They are both Zecrey’s Layer2s power up by our zk-Rollup tech with high scalability and solid security, while Zecrey Zero is our Layer 2 with privacy feature by default, and Zecrey Legend is the basis of the first Layer 2 NFT marketplace on BNB Chain.

Why is my transaction always pending and can I speed it up?

Before being executed, an L2 transaction needs to be generated on L2, enter L2's mempool, be packaged into the block, and the block will be submitted to the chain and verified on chain, so there could be a delay in the process due to multiple reasons. L1 transactions are much simpler but sometimes it also takes time for transaction data to be confirmed and included in the chain. Usually, the best way to speed it up is by adding gas fee. Choose a higher gas fee during the transaction or view the activity afterward and select "Speed up" to boost your pending transaction.

How to connect Zecrey wallet with Dapps?

Dapp is the decentralized application you use to interact with various blockchain projects such as Defi, NFT market and Metaverse games. To connect Zecrey wallet with these Dapps, choose "connect wallet" on their page and select Zecrey. If you don't see Zecrey on the list, you can set Zecrey as the default wallet in our settings, then click on another wallet to initiate Zecrey. And you can set or unset Zecrey as the default wallet anytime. Click on Next to confirm the request when you see the wallet popup.

Be careful with your wallet authorization and do not connect to Dapps or websites you don't trust!

What can I do with Zecrey official NFT?

Zecrey Chameleon Avatar NFT was free-minted in our community on 23rd, October 2021. It could be traded on the NFTrade market now. https://nftrade.com/assets/bsc/0x8c6be54dcca5eed3390b37c9d8ef9eb0358ac3a8

In the future, various collections of Zecrey official NFTs will be released with utilities empowering our community.

Can I reset the wallet password?

Zecrey Wallet password cannot be changed directly. If you forget your password, please reset your wallet in the settings, and then set a new password when importing your account with the seed phrase.

How do I keep the security of my wallet account?

Keep your secret key and recovery phrase somewhere safe, preferably offline. Never share them with anyone or any website, and stay away from suspicious links and downloads. Be aware of spam and don't connect your wallet to websites you don't trust. Use a hardware wallet if a huge amount of crypto assets is involved.

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