NFT is the abbreviation of non-fungible tokens, representing unique cryptographic tokens based on blockchain. The difference between NFTs and FTs(fungible tokens) is that NFTs cannot be divided and exchanged equivalently like FTs, because each NFT is unique and cannot be replicated and replaced. It is just similar to a physical collectible, but it's an indelible digital asset generated on the blockchain. As the realm of NFTs emerges with popular projects and fascinating innovations, NFTs can be in the form of pictures, gifs, music, in-game items, generative art and even domain names or Tweet. NFTs can also represent real-world property rights, individuals' identities and much more. In this field that combines technology and art, people's imaginations never end. Zecrey Team has created an L2 NFT Marketplace based on the BNB chain in strategic cooperation with Binance, providing users with an ultra-high-performance NFT trading experience.

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