Zecrey Onepager

Zecrey Protocol is a zkRollup based Layer 2 protocol featuring privacy and scalability.

  • Zero: Lightweight Privacy Layer and Portable Private Payment Solution.

  • Legend: The first zkRollup solution on BNB Chain and NFT Engine of Web3 Games.

Central Hub for your Digital Assets

You have at your fingertips the ability to view, manage and aggregate all your digital assets across various blockchains with Zecrey wallet. Gone are the days when you need to go through different websites and wallets to see all of your digital assets.

Aggregators for L1s and L2s

Both Zero and Legend will be integrated into Zecrey Wallet -- the easy to use product, containing extension, mobile app and web app. Users can handily switch between different L2s and use the functions of Zero or Legend.

Zecrey Zero

Your Privacy Matters

Privacy is a fundamental human right; all transactions are private on Zero by default. Zero conceals each transaction amount to protect your privacy.

High Efficiency

No need to take several seconds to provide privacy feature. Millisecond-level privacy transaction experience is facilitated by Zero.

Broad Adoption

Privacy catalyzes broad adoption in DeFi. Zecrey Zero enables privacy features, driving broad adoption in more financial scenarios.

In Math we Trust

Zero utilizes cutting edge Sigma and zk-Snark technology to enable secure, fast and cheap transactions with privacy protection.

Zecrey Legend

NFT Engine for Web 3 Games

Legend is a Layer 2 protocol built for NFT, especially for Web 3 Games.

High Scalable NFT Platform

Legend is the first zkRollup based NFT Marketplace on BNB Chain. Fully customized by Zecrey team, enabling thousands of TPS.

Secure, Instant, Reliable

Security is rooted in underlying L1, same security level as BNB Chain. Faster transaction confirmation, higher transaction reliability.

Designed for developers

Simple and easy to use API/SDK, developers could integrate NFT into its own system in minutes.

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