Rollup is currently the preferred Layer 2 solution for scaling Ethereum. By packing hundreds of transactions into a single transaction on the L1 network, it helps users drastically reduce the gas fee. Rollup inherits the security of Ethereum by submitting transaction data to L1 network. There are two different ways to implement Rollup: optimistic rollup and zero-knowledge rollup (zk-Rollup). Their main difference is how the transaction data is submitted to L1. Zk-Rollup will package hundreds of off-chain transactions and generate encrypted proofs to submit on chain. It is the Ethereum scalability solution that Vitalik shows a preference for its long-term technical advantage. Zk-Rollup's advantages include: faster completion time, because once the proof is sent to the main chain, the transaction state is instantly verified; less vulnerable to economic attacks that optimistic rollup may suffer; secure and decentralized, as the data needed to restore the state is stored on layer 1. Zecrey employs state-of-the-art zk-Rollup and advanced cryptographic technology to maintain the scalability, security, and privacy of the system.

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