Zecrey Public Testnet Announcement

Zecrey protocol will launch public testnet on Dec 31st, 22:00 EDT, 2021.

During the public testnet period, you can submit the feedback form to give your user experience and suggestions about the product. Your feedback will make a contribution to Zecrey's further improvement!

Public Testnet supports the following features

  • Multi-chain assets management in L1 wallet

  • Transactions with privacy protection in L2

  • Lock & Unlock multi-chain assets to get rewards

  • Make private swap and add/remove liquidity in L2 AMM DEX

  • Transfer assets between L1 and L2 through Deposit & Withdraw

Note: The entry point to join public testnet: https://docs.zecrey.com/product-handbook/step-1.-set-up-your-zecrey-wallet

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