Zecrey L1 Wallet Usage


a. Enter transfer page, select network to filter assets on different chains and choose one token to transfer.
b. Enter the transfer To address and amount, choose different gas fee, click Transfer button.
c. Confirm transaction, details page contains the transfer amount and gas fee, you can select privacy transaction (temporarily not available) to protect the transaction for privacy, but this function need active L2 account, privacy transaction will charge a privacy fee.
    The following two images show the transaction record of L1 transfer, confirmation of L1 transfer needs a few seconds.
d. View transaction records: L1 transactions are based on different blockchain networks, so the transaction records need to be checked in the browser of the network corresponding to asset, you can copy transaction ID to check in browser, or you can directly click the view button to check.
    For example, if you transfer assets on the Ethereum network, click the view button to open the Etherscan browser to view the transaction records.


    The use of deposit function requires activation of L2 account. There is no direct relationship between L1 and L2 account, L1 address is a normal 42-bit address, and L2 address is a short address with a zecrey suffix.
a. Click Deposit or Zecrey icon button to activate L2 account.
b. Deposit tokens from L1 to L2, which makes privacy protection on assets. Data page shows the public key.
    Deposit process will be recorded both in L1 and L2.

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