Mint NFT

What is Minting NFT?

Minting NFTs refers to the conversion of digital files such as images, video files, music, or in-game items into crypto assets stored on blockchains. This minting process ensures the authentication of each NFT by providing a digital signature that is used to track NFT ownership.

How to mint NFT?

Step 1: Switch to Zecrey L2-Legend wallet, click on "NFT" beside the Assets on the homepage, choose "Create", and select "NFT Item". Another quick entrance is to click the camera button in the upper left corner of the NFT Marketplace, and take a photo or select one from your gallery.
Step 2: Upload a file (JPG, PNG, and GIF files less than 100 MB supported), fill in the name and description, and select the collection it will belong to.
Step 3: You can also click More Options if you want to add more details. Enter the official website of your NFT to build its community; set properties and levels for this NFT, properties are traits that set NFTs apart such as color, mood, shape, material, etc., and levels indicate the NFT's strength or weakness of certain qualities; set the NFT item as explicit and sensitive content so that others won't be able to see it in this collection. Double-check the NFT info for it cannot be revised after minting.
Step 4: Click Create and Confirm. Congrats, you've created your own NFT and it will be shown in your NFT assets!