Testing Requirements

Duration for Phase II: 1:00 pm UTC, 31st March to 1:00 pm UTC, 30th April, 2023

iOS app: March 31st at 1pm UTC to April 10th at 1pm UTC

Web app and extension: April 10th at 1pm UTC to 30th at 1 pm UTC

We will check whether the user participating in the testnet has completed the following operations to verify the eligibility for claiming OAT on Galxe and joining NFT lucky draw event on QuestN:

  1. Register L2 account: register Legend L2 account with a short-domain name address [xxx.zec]. If you have tested in Phase I, you can skip the L2 registration part and proceed with the Phase I account.

  2. Mint NFT: create your own NFT

  3. Buy NFT: make an offer or buy a listed NFT

  4. Sell NFT: list your NFT or accept another’s offer [we recommend you to set the price below 0.1 BNB when you list an NFT so that others can afford it and make a deal]

For more details, read the section of "Requirements" within our medium article: https://zecrey.medium.com/zecrey-launches-phase-2-of-legend-testnet-join-now-6f326ec92ff4.

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