Multi-chain Assets Management

Zecrey L1 Wallet provides flexible multi-chain asset management all in one place so users don’t need to switch networks to check their multi-chain assets, and you can conveniently search for the assets you want even during transactions. Adding or hiding tokens on different chains is also supported.

Multi-chain Assets Management in Mobile App

Sort and search for assets

  1. Choose to group or ungroup assets displayed on the home page as you prefer in "General Setting" ->"Multi-Chain Assets Manage". In ungrouped mode, different assets on different chains will be displayed individually; while in grouped mode, assets will be sorted by token type.

  2. Users can search for assets easily by entering the name of the token or the blockchain in the search box, or using the asset filter to view assets on a single chain. This function is also supported during transactions to quickly find the asset you want.

  3. Click on an asset, select "Multi-Chain" on the asset detail page, and the same asset you own on different chains will be displayed here.

Add or remove assets

  1. Click on the plus button in the lower right corner of the wallet and you can see all the supported tokens on different chains displayed on this interface. Enter the token or blockchain to search for the asset you want.

  2. Check or uncheck an asset to add or remove it from your home page. Removing a token only means hiding it from the asset list of your wallet, and the asset itself will not be changed or erased from your address in any case. You can re-add a token anytime and it will appear again on the wallet homepage.

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