Claim Test Tokens for Testnet

Before starting the Legend testnet, you will need to claim some BNB tokens on the BNB Chain. Zecrey Legend is an L2 built on the BNB Chain and the gas fee requires its native token BNB, therefore, holding BNB on BNB Chain would be adequate for carrying out the basic functions in Zecrey Legend Testnet. If you want to claim test tokens on other L1 blockchains, you can search for the official faucets of other chains to claim test tokens.

  1. Enter your BEP-20 address. You can use the address created in Zecrey Wallet or Metamask, or other addresses compatible with BEP-20 or ERC-20.

  2. Click "Give me BNB", you'll get 0.5 BNB on BNB Chain after a while. Now you are good to go!

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