How to manage my contacts?

Zecrey has designed an address book where you can keep your frequently-used address and manage them easily.

To manage your contacts, click on the avatar in the bottom bar to open the account panel, and select "My contacts" to view the list. You can change the name, view the transaction records, make quick transfer to this contact or delete the contact in the contact detail interface.

If you want to add a new contact, select "Recent", find it and click on the button on the right end of the bar. This "Add Contact" button will become "Quick Transfer" if you've added this address. Pretty cool, hah?

You can also directly import a contact by clicking "Add Contact" on the lower end of the address book. Fill in the name and Ethereum address, and choose one of the interesting Zecrey avatars!

When conducting transactions, users can directly choose from their contacts by clicking on the address book button.

Note: Zecrey won't keep your contact data for privacy and decentralization reason. If you uninstall the Zecrey Wallet, your contacts will NOT be restored when the account is imported. Please properly save your contact data!

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