Rewards for Phase II Testnet

For the credential "L1 Address for Zecrey Legend Public Testnet Phase 2 and meet requirements", you need to fulfill all testing requirements in our Phase II testnet.

There are two ways to participate in the testnet and claim Galxe OAT:

Test with new Zecrey address

  1. Create a new wallet in the Zecrey app and complete the testnet requirements.

  2. Import the seed phrase or private key of your Zecrey testnet address into Metamask (or any other wallet extension you use) and connect it to Galxe. Please back up the secret recovery phrase of your original wallet beforehand before you reinstall Metamask to import the recovery phrase.

  3. If you already have a Galxe account before, you need to remove and reconnect the socials of the address you already connected with Galxe first. The step-by-step guide is: Click on Galxe Settings -> Social Link -> Remove Twitter and Discord, and import the private key of the testnet address into the wallet extension you are connecting with Galxe, then bind the socials again to verify and claim OAT.

Test with an existing address

  1. Import your existing wallet into the Zecrey app and use it to participate in the testnet.

  2. Claim OAT on Galxe.

The testnet address credential would auto-sync with our backend data every 12 hours, please wait for it to be updated before you can claim the OAT.

For phase II of Legend Testnet, we’ll give away up to 5,000 NFTs by selecting from the qualified participants randomly on QuestN [Previously Quest3].

For the address you submitted to be eligible for NFT lucky draw, you need to fulfill all testing requirements in our Phase II testnet.

Don't worry if the address you submitted is in process for we will not review the Answer Submission entry or distribute whitelist and point rewards on QuestN. We will review the result and announce the winners of the lucky draw in the Zecrey community after the event ends on April 30th.

The Genesis NFTs will be minted on Zecrey Legend, the native Layer 2 NFT Marketplace when Legend mainnet launches. Please stay tuned to our announcement on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

3. Feedback Reward

We value feedback from our community members and strive to provide opportunities for them to share their thoughts and ideas with us. That’s why we will select about 100 users who provide the most helpful, constructive feedback and reward each of them with one Genesis NFT whitelist. This feedback reward will be open for users of all our products, including Zecrey iOS/Android app, web app and extension.

There are three ways to give us feedback:

  1. Fill in the Legend testnet Phase II feedback form. Make sure you fill in the same L1 and L2 address used in the testnet.

  2. Join our Discord community, and open a ticket for one-on-one support and feedback. You can also send your suggestions to the feedback channel or community discussion forum.

  3. Click the Support & Feedback button in our app to report bugs, tell us your user experience, what you like about Zecrey, and what you think should be improved.

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