What is “Deposit”?

The function of “Deposit” is to send layer 1 assets to your layer 2. Assets deposited to L2 are not distinguished by their original chain networks but by token types. Currently, L2 Legend supports BNB chain, and users can deposit BNB, LEG, and REY tokens from BNB chain to Legend L2.

What is the role of "Deposit" in Zecrey?

"Deposit" is for users to send their assets from Layer 1 to Layer 2 wallet, so they can make transactions on Legend's NFT market or with Zero's privacy feature. For now, transactions on Legend's Zecrey NFT market only support BNB token, for it's the native token of BNB chain and the NFT market is built on BNB's Layer 2.

Why does the process of deposit need some time?

It’s a considered security issue. The system will wait for an appropriate block number to guarantee the security of transactions, which is to avoid rollback or fork. For example, the system will wait for 10 blocks in Ethereum network, so while a transaction is committed in the No.100 block, the result of this transaction will be displayed in Zecrey layer 2 until No.110 block is committed.

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