Transfer NFT

How to transfer NFT in Web App

You need to make sure you are connecting Legend NFT Marketplace with Zecrey extension wallet.

Step 1: Click your account's avatar and you can find the following screen.

Step 2: And then click "Profile", just remove the filter "Buy Now" and you can find all the NFTs you own now.

For each NFT, just click "...", you'll find the Quick Action page and click "Transfer NFT".

Step 3: Fill out the Legend L2 address you want to transfer and click "Transfer" button to pop up Zecrey extension to sign the transaction.

How to transfer NFT in Mobile App

Step 1: Switch to Zecrey L2-Legend wallet and click on "NFT" beside the Assets on the homepage to view your NFT assets sorted by collections. Select the NFT you want and click "Send".

Step 2: Enter another Legend L2 address suffixed with ".zec" to receive the NFT. You can also scan the QR code of the receiver's L2 address. Gas fees are paid in BNB and are fixed at 0.1% on Legend.

Step 3: Confirm the transaction. You can view the details in My Transactions of Trade Center.

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